We care about your privacy!

Here at BookBeat we care about your personal privacy and always strive to offer the best possible data protection.

BookBeat AB (Org. Nr. 556560-4583) is responsible for processing your personal data. If you have questions about privacy, you can contact us at privacy@bookbeat.com.

You can read more about personal data processing and your rights as a BookBeat customer in our Privacy Notice which you agree to upon registration or purchase.

We also collect data from you when you contact us, visit our website or use our app even if you aren’t a BookBeat customer (whether it’s for personal purposes or behalf of a company).

The data we collect may include:

  • Name, contact information, and possibly your company information and role
  • Your IP address
  • Details about messages, notes, actions taken on your account and other types of documents

Examples of what we use this information for:

  • To Ensure that we have the correct contact information
  • To answer questions and to manage incoming emails or requests
  • To be able to maintain a business relationship

We save this information for as long as it is needed in our relationship with you (or your company). We strive to keep all information up to date. When our relationship ends, we remove all your information from our system after two years. Please note that we are required to save some information due to laws that are in place.

We process the data we receive with a high level of IT-safety and we expect the same level of safety from the system vendors we employ.

You always have the right to know which of your personal data BookBeat processes and to have them corrected. If you’d like a copy of what we keep on file, or if you have any objections or need help with something else regarding your personal data, contact us at help@bookbeat.com