About cookies

BookBeat uses cookies and other similar tools to see how our service is used and to customise the user experience. Cookies are small text files and are very commonly used on the internet. Cookie files are read and stored by the browser in the device used to visit our site.

By visiting your settings in your browser, you can choose to not save cookies to your device when you visit our web pages, and you can even delete cookies that have already been saved. If you choose to block cookies on your browser, you may affect the functionality of our website as cookies are used for functionality and user experience for example. It is also possible to regulate customised advertising in your browser, read more about that at www.youronlinechoices.com. You can also turn off Google Analytics tracking on all websites you visit. Read more here tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

For a full list of cookies

Cookies used by BookBeat for Basic Functions

  • BookBeat – Keeps the user automatically logged in and shows our website in the chosen language, keeps track of previously used campaign codes and attributes traffic to our partners where applicable, if a user visits BookBeat via one of those partners.

Cookies that measure performance

  • Google Analytics – Used to generate statistics about traffic and traffic sources. Also used to measure conversions and sales.
  • Microsoft Application Insights – Used to measure website performance.
  • HotJar – Used to visualise how users anonymously navigate our website.

Cookies for marketing purposes

  • Bing – Used to measure how many visitors arrive at our website via Bing advertisement and helps direct BookBeat advertisements on Bing to those who have visited our website.
  • Facebook Pixel – Measures how many visitors visit the website via Facebook advertisements. Also used to target BookBeat advertisements towards those who have visited the website.
  • Google Remarketing – Used to target BookBeat advertsiments towards those who have visited the website.

Cookies used for sharing on social networks

  • Facebook – Used by Facebook’s script to share pages on Facebook.
  • Twitter – Used by Twitters script to share pages on Twitter.