Wonders Never Cease
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Welcome to Los Angeles, the City of Angels, where traffic never stops, people never sleep, and wonders never cease.It's a brilliant plan, if Kemp McAvoy says so himselfùand Kemp never hesitates to point out his own brilliance. Kemp is a night nurse for a beautiful but aging movie star in a medically induced coma. And with the help of her agent and a struggling young publisher, he's concocted a can't-fail scheme that will make them all rich.Olivia Hayden is about to receive a heavenly visitorùan angel with a message for all humankind. All it takes is a blinding light and little adjustment of her meds, and when she awakes she'll think it was realùand they'll have an instant best-selling book.The scheme seems foolproof. All they have to do for it to work is be good angels and stay out of trouble. But Kemp McAvoy has never been good at staying out of troubleùand he doesn't realize there may be out-of-this-world consequences for impersonating an angel.From award-winning author Tim Downs comes this warm-hearted story of mistaken identity and unlikely redemption that will have you both laughing and looking at life from a higher perspective.
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