The Vanity Case

- Carolyn Wells

234 Pages


Myra Heath is a woman of few luxuries. She does not use cosmetics, she runs her business with precision and frugality, and she likes to pretend that her marriage is a happy one. In fact, the only two luxuries that she allows herself are her collection of antique bottles and her affair with Larry Inman. When her husband catches them together, it is no huge surprise that her body is discovered soon after, revealing that she was killed with one of her own antique bottles. What is surprising, however, is the copious amounts of make-up she is wearing, and the disappearance of Larry Inman and her vanity case. Fans of ‘Criminal Minds’ will recognise the name of their neighbour - Emily Prentiss. Her nephew, Buck, becomes consumed by the case and enlists the help of private detective Steve Truitt to discover where Myra’s husband fled to.

Carolyn Wells ( 1862 -1942 ) was a prolific American writer and poet. She wrote a total of 170 books, alongside collections of poetry and newspaper articles. She focused on children's books and mysteries, with great success in both of these areas. Some of her most notable works include ‘The Nonsense Anthology (1902), ‘Vicky Van’ (1918), and her autobiography ‘The Rest of My Life’ (1937). Carolyn Well’s humorous verse and intricate plotlines are perfect for fans of Arthur Conan Doyle, Jill Paton Walsh and Laurie R. King.
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