Virtually every Christian knows that he or she should be evangelistically engaged, but few actually embark on this “unexpected adventure,” where days that start out dull and routine can suddenly blossom into thrilling escapades. They sense they’re missing something – and this book would help them understand why it’s impossible to have a plain vanilla Christian life while at the same time seizing opportunities to influence others for Christ.Built on Lee Strobel’s best-received conference talk, “Maggie’s Poem,” this book begins with the inspiring story of what happened to Maggie because of Lee’s continual sharing of the words and love of Jesus to a person who truly needed God. The book will tell other real-life stories – some funny, some heart-breaking – from the evangelism adventures the authors have experienced. Rather than being “how to” training, this book focuses on the “want to.” Its goal is to winsomely transform the reader’s values and priorities by painting a picture of personal evangelism that’s so compelling, so desirable, so irresistible, and so darn do-able that they simply must share in the adventure!Readers will walk away with an insatiable desire to experience white-knuckle Christianity. They will develop a heart that’s bursting with compassion and empathy for their spiritually confused friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family members. They will make a fresh commitment to taking spiritual risks to share their faith. They will become excited about their church’s outreach programs. They will hunger to get more training in evangelism to further sharpen their skills.
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