Under the Mistletoe
Kissing is just the beginning...

A saucy Christmas novella to heat up your winter nights!
Ness is looking forward to hanging out in Brooklyn with her girlfriends over Christmas, while also deciding what to do with her life, and getting over her split with Jay the jerk.
She's not thrilled then, when her mum tells her that she's bought her a ticket to England to spend some time with her dad in the countryside. Spending the festive period with a bunch of sheep and cows is not Ness's idea of a good time. And though her arrival does nothing to change that, she soon has a major distraction in the form of Dominic Dumont, whose parents own the massive stately home where her dad is caretaker.
Despite being upper class, arrogant, selfish and reckless, Dominic soon starts to work his charm and Ness begins to find it difficult to ignore him. A game of 'Seven Minutes in Heaven' results in the hottest kiss Ness has ever had in a cupboard full of coats, and when the two of them get lost in the mist out in the grounds, they cling to each other - with and without their clothes on...
UNDER THE MISTLETOE is part of Hot Key Books' exclusive new novella list, and one of a series of five available this Christmas. Unlock your naughty side!
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