Ultimate Truth
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This is a highly informative, thought provoking and well-structured book making it perfect for anyone wanting to gain a much deeper level of understanding into spirituality, Buddhist philosophy, the law of attraction and the ultimate truth about your potential in life. Each chapter gradually peels back the illusions and delusions of mind, emotions and human behaviour to reveal the true nature of reality and the path towards the ultimate goal in life and the ultimate truth. Combining psychology, neurology, physics, biology and noetic science, this book leads the listener progressively towards the door to effective manifestation and awakening. Through scientific investigation and philosophical thought, the author skilfully helps paint a clear and concise picture of how you can transcend the emotional sufferings of negative emotions and behaviours to become blissfully 'awake'. This is a wonderfully engaging book packed with information for anyone looking to significantly improve their life situation both emotionally and spiritually.
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