Two Thousand Miles Below
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Two Thousand Miles Below is a science fiction novel by American author Charles W. Diffin.

The main character is Dean Rawson, who plans on discovering a way of mining power from a dead volcano, but ends up discovering more than he bargained for.

Part One: Rawson learns to his cost that the life-spark of a fabled race glows in the black heart of a dead, Western volcano.

Part Two: Town after town is fired by the emerging Red Ones as Rawson lies helpless, a prisoner, far down in their home within the earth.

Part Three: The Voice of the Mountain heralds Rawson's Messianic coming to the White Ones in their hour of need.

Part Four: As part of their titanic plan, Rawson and Loah-San return to sacrifice themselves in the flaming caverns of the Red Ones.

Two Thousand Miles Below was originally produced in four parts in Astounding Stories in June, September, November 1932 and January 1933.

Charles W. Diffin (1884-1966) was a US engineer, airplane salesman and science fiction writer. He was one of the better writers whom Harry Bates encouraged to write for the new Astounding Stories.

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