True Crime UK- Adrian Langenscheid



"Brutal, factual, neutral in presentation... incredibly shocking." a reader

"Some of the most gruesome and exciting criminal cases that Britain has to offer. I could hardly put the book down." Franziska Singer (Actress)

"A riveting collection of reports that takes the reader to the limits of what is bearable." Jen Stohler

Cold-blooded murders, tragic kidnappings, cruel torture, ruthless abuse, devastating family dramas and a millennium robbery. Real criminal cases.

In the third volume of his book series True Crime International, bestselling author Adrian Langenscheid once again reports truthfully, factually and free of any sensationalism about shocking crimes in people' s immediate neighborhood. Crimes that have actually happened - and not so long ago.

Three excellent podcasts have contributed 5 cases to the book.

Captivated, stunned, amazed and moved to tears, you will question everything you think you know about human nature. Life surpasses all fiction and writes terrible stories. This true crime book sums them up.

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"Definitely a must for all fans of true crime fans!" Katharina Urbanek
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5h 8min
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True Crime International
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