Three Witches
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Her lips felt like a feather tickling my skin. "M-magic? Amelia, ya can't… I mean you're not…" She wasn't a witch! What was she going on about like she understood? My breath had become a bit heavier and I whimpered softly. "We can. Me, you, Virginia…" She murmured and reached up, stroking my cheek gently. "Doesn't it feel right? We can actually be somethin', Mary! Instead of borin' farm girls. Isn't this what we've been waitin' for?" "I mean, well…" I wasn't very good with words at the time and I was terribly aroused by my own best friend! "It'd be interestin'..." I admitted softly and closed my eyes. "Then don't act so silly!" She giggled and suddenly her lips were against mine. She was kissing me! And it was long.
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