Think Like Jesus- George Barna

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The main reason people don't act like Jesus is because they don't think like Jesus. Discover the seven core questions that Christians must be able to answer biblically in order to live a transformed life.

The latest data from researcher George Barna’s polls across America shows that we are confused by the issues that confront us today. We find ourselves wrestling with what is right and wrong. Some of us cut ethical corners and don’t even know it. We often base our actions on what feels right or keeps people happy rather than on what is best or true.

All because, Barna concludes, we lack an active, clear belief system based on solid, scriptural principles.

Now more than ever, we need a way of life that brings us clarity in chaos, peace in the problems, and boldness in the bad times. We need a new way of seeing—a biblical perspective that guides our every thought and action.

What is a biblical perspective on life? To put it simply, Barna says, it is a "way of dealing with the world so that we act like Jesus, twenty-four hours a day, because we think like Jesus. It’s like wearing a pair of eyeglasses that enable us to see things differently, to see things from God’s point of view, and to respond to these perceptions in the way He prescribes.”

Think Like Jesus:

Uncovers the seven core beliefs of Christianity necessary for developing a strong Christian worldviewProvides a firm explanation of why Christians believe what we believeIncludes detailed statistics and polls on where Americans agree with the Bible on key topicsExposes causes of concern in modern Christianity through the misalignment of key beliefsWould you like to simplify your life, shore up your moral foundations, and strengthen your Christian witness? Think Like Jesus can help you chart a path that will allow you to make a difference for eternity in your home, your job, your church, and your community.

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