Theseus (Unabridged)
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With prose that is graceful, witty, poetic, and sometimes ferocious, England's most honored writer for young people sweeps us back to ancient Greece, where a young king is born under mysterious circumstances. Intent on finding his father, teen-aged Theseus sets out for Athens. No sooner is he on the road than he must face a series of monstrous enemies - creatures who are but prelude to the hero's famous battle with the ferocious minotaur. This is the story most people know. But there is more - much more - to the life of Theseus, as Geraldine McCaughrean reveals in a novel filled with adventure, humor, love, and tragedy. Theseus was blessed with courage, grace, and beauty. Yet without balance, too many blessings can become a curse. For when a man is the boldest, strongest, and most desirable of his time, it may take the gods themselves to bring him back to earth.
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