The Lawyer Leader- Ritu Goswamy Esq.

1h 49min


Be the lawyer you want to be, not the one you were told to be.

Remember why you wanted to become a lawyer? You wanted to make a difference, help others, and create positive change both inside and outside the profession. You still do.

But the legal profession, by design, puts us in a box, restricting our creativity, and blunting connection. In fact, we’re conditioned to disengage from others and from ourselves to be better at our jobs. We put on a lawyer mask and become imposters.

Today’s leaders cannot be held back by these limiting restraints.

Lawyers are made to lead. We strive to be good counselors, good advocates, and even good adversaries. Good leadership, however, is ultimately about showing up as yourself. And to do that, we need to be free to be ourselves without having to leave the profession.

We can be lawyers and be authentic.

In The Lawyer Leader, author Ritu Goswamy, Esq., invites you to step into a more authentic, more powerful version of yourself, and learn how going deeper within can help you guide your colleagues and create change in the legal profession by going deeper within.

Whether you’ve read Ritu Goswamy’s The New Billable Hour and The Holistic Lawyer or not, this book is for you: a lawyer ready to step up and lead. Join those of us in the profession actively guiding our colleagues, clients, and society to a new era.

“Well-written, concise, evocative, and heartening, this book will help any lawyer (and law student) connect to the lawyer leader within.” – Rodney O. Fong, Legal Educator
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1h 49min
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Author's Republic
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