The House Share- Kate Helm

Rating 3.9
10h 26min


'Twisty, menacing and compelling, you won't be able to put it down' C.L. Taylor, Sunday Times bestseller

'Truly creepy . . . I loved it' Elly Griffiths, Sunday Times bestseller

The Hunting Party meets Our House in this gripping, claustrophobic new locked-room thriller.

When you're sharing a house with seven murder suspects, you can't lock the danger out . . .

Immi think she has found the perfect new home in central London: a shared warehouse with luxury accommodation, a rooftop terrace and daily yoga, all with a surprisingly affordable price tag. The Dye Factory is a 'co-living' community, designed to combat the loneliness of big city life.

But soon after she moves into her new haven, Immi realises that it's not quite as idyllic as it appears. No one seems to know who is behind this multi-million pound urban experiment. And her housemates may be hiding a dangerous secret.

Then, as a series of pranks escalates into something much darker, Immi is left questioning whether, in this group of strangers, she can ever really be safe . . .

'A brilliant book. Beautifully written, brilliantly characterised, and with a wonderful sense of threat. The way the various truths gradually emerge was masterfully handled, too. I was absolutely hooked' Gytha Lodge, Sunday Times bestselling author of She Lies in Wait

'Pacy, brilliantly plotted and completely absorbing' Caz Frear, bestselling author of Sweet Little Lies

'I loved The House Share. A great premise, compelling characters and a twisty plot kept me totally gripped' Paul Burston

'Black Mirror in book form' RED magazine

'So intense and sinister we kept getting out of bed to read a bit more' HEAT magazine

'Creepy and compelling' Women's Weekly

'A book that had me gripped . . .Thoroughly enjoyable, it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck' Woman's Way
Time Audiobook:
10h 26min
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Bonnier Publishing Fiction
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