The George Orwell Fiction Collection: 1984 / Animal Farm / Burmese Days / Coming Up for Air / Keep the Aspidistra Flying / A Clergyman's Daughter (Unabridged)- George Orwell

54h 15min


This audiobook includes unabridged recordings of all George Orwell's 6 novels: 1984; Animal Farm; Burmese Days; Coming Up For Air; Keep the Aspidistra Flying; and A Clergyman's Daughter.
1984: Winston Smith begins to rebel against Big Brother's totalitarian control and falls in love with fellow worker, Julia, but soon discovers the true price of freedom is betrayal.
Animal Farm: Revolution is afoot for the animals at Manor Farm, and Mr Jones must pay the price.
Burmese Days: John Flory, a white timber-merchant in 1920s Burma, sets out to untangle societal conventions and help Dr Veraswami save his reputation.
Coming up for Air: In search of a simpler life, George Bowling escapes London and an impending sense of war to return to his childhood village.
Keep the Aspidistra Flying: Gordon Comstock quits his advertising job to pursue the creative life in opposition to "the money god". Only his ever-faithful Rosemary can rouse him from the stupor and challenge his commitment to his chosen way of life.
A Clergyman's Daughter: Intimidated by her father, the rector of Knype Hill, Dorothy performs her submissive roles of dutiful daughter and bullied housekeeper. Her thoughts are taken up with the costumes she is making for the church school play, until her routine shatters and Dorothy finds herself down and out in London.
Full chapter listing:
- Chapters 2 to 27: 1984
- Chapters 28 to 39: Animal Farm
- Chapters 40 to 66: Burmese Days
- Chapters 67 to 91: Coming up for Air
- Chapters 92 to 105: Keep the Aspidistra Flying
- Chapter 106 to 130: A Clergyman's Daughter
Time Audiobook:
54h 15min
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SNR Audio
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