The Colonel's Baby: A Military Romance Story- Kathleen Hope

4h 42min


“They’re baaaaccck,” Tracy sing-songed as she passed by where I was trying to study.
I didn’t look up. “Who?”
“Them.” She gestured with her chin.
I finally looked up to see the small group of Marines coming into the restaurant where I worked part-time. I snorted and looked back down at my book. “I guess they can come in if they want to,” I said, turning a page. “This is a restaurant and they have to eat.”
“And flirt with everything in a skirt.” She paused, looking over at me. “Aren’t you going over there? They are sitting down in your section.”
Damn, she was right. I closed my book. So much for studying. I grabbed the menus and headed over to the table where the men sat, talking. As I approached, I took a moment to check them out. They were military judging by their short buzzed haircuts. There was a base nearby and a lot of the personnel came in for lunch or dinner with their families or friends. Between them and the locals, this place stayed pretty busy.
“Good evening, gentlemen,” I said as I placed a menu in front of each man.
They looked up, smiling and nodding in greeting.
“What would you like to drink?”
One of the men, a handsome blond with clear blue eyes, looked up at me. “You,” he answered, giving me a wink. The other men laughed at his joke. I gave him a smile.
“You’re funny,” I answered.
He leaned back in the...
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4h 42min
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Author's Republic
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