The Boardwalk Bookshop- Susan Mallery

11h 17min


‘An inspiring story of friendship and love.’My Weekly

‘A classic beach-read romance.’ Booklist

‘A book begging to be read on the beach, with the sun warming the sand and salt in the air: pure escapism.’ Kirkus

The new summer romance from bestselling author of The Christmas Wedding Guest

Could this be the place to find happy ever after?

When Bree, Mikki and Ashley open The Boardwalk Bookshop on the Californian coast it is a dream come true. But while their business is thriving, their personal lives are not.

Bree has sworn to protect her heart at all costs, until an unexpected meeting with a bestselling author changes everything. Mikki has never moved on from her divorce, but knows something must change. And Ashley’s wedding fantasy is shattered when she discovers her boyfriend never wants to get married.

Every Friday the three friends meet on the beach in front of the bookshop to toast the sunset. Here, as their bond grows closer, they will challenge each other to not only face their fears but fight for what they have always wanted in life, and love.

A heartwarming story of friendship, and the power of love from international bestselling author Susan Mallery

Time Audiobook:
11h 17min
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HarperCollins UK
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