The B2B Leaders Guidebook- Jim Irving

5h 56min


Winner - BookAuthority's "Best B2B Audiobooks for 2022"

“The B2B Leaders Guidebook needs to be on the desk of every sales director and CEO in the land. I consider it a bible of bibles.” - Jeremy Jacobs, The Sales Rainmaker®

The B2B Leaders Guidebook is Jim Irving’s eagerly awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed B2B Selling Guidebook.

It’s for those who already are, or who are about to become, leaders of business teams, startup businesses, corporate business units, all types of sales teams and small to medium businesses (SME’s). It’s for managers, leaders and entrepreneurs – and those who engage with them.

“If you are a new leader or a leader with a bunch of management problems please read Jim Irving’s B2B Leaders Guidebook. Buy this book today and lead by example!”

Patrick Tinney, Author of Unlocking Yes, Perpetual Hunger & The Bonus Round.

The book is packed with the learning highlights from a successful 40+ year career in high pressure business environments with over 20 years of that time dedicated to leading and managing small, medium and then very large teams in major multinational corporates and high performing start-ups. Jim has also successfully led a number of company turnarounds in multiple markets.

"I worked with Jim whilst heading up pre-sales in a regional branch of a major US multinational. The branch had underperformed for several years and Jim was promoted to lead it. The change in style that Jim brought was questioned by some to start, but over 2 years the region went from bottom in the UK to top and #2 in Europe. Jim’s ’serving to lead’ approach turned a group of individuals into a high performing team. It was incredibly effective."

Mike Robb, founder of independent IT consultancy, Avendris

Read The B2B Leaders Guidebook and follow the reality of the business leadership journey. From 'Starting' to 'Building' to finally, 'improving'. Learn the reality, not the theory…
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5h 56min
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