The Secrets He Kept
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A gripping, suspenseful, psychological thriller that fans of T.M. Logan, My Lovely Wife and K.L. Slater won't be able to put down.
He loves you. He loves your children. He’d never put his family in danger.
One of these is a lie.
It started like any other day at the hairdressers where Sally works as a stylist... until her first client innocently shows her a family photograph; a photograph that causes Sally to collapse in shock.
In one moment, Sally discovers that Tom has been hiding an explosive secret – one that could tear apart the life they’ve built together. Faced with an impossible dilemma - search for the truth, or keep her contented life? Sally is about to discover that even those closest to us have secrets... and that sometimes the truth is the last thing we want to hear. Jackie Walsh lives in Dublin with her husband, Paul. Her interest in writing developed with the spare time that followed the success of her business. She’s a member of the Irish Writers Centre, The Irish Crime writers group, and loves to travel to writing festivals including Harrogate and Bristol.
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