Secret Schemes  and Daring Dreams
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What would happen if Jane Austen's EMMA was set in the twenty-first century?
Emma Woodhouse is a caring, considerate sort of girl who is well aware of her own good fortune and talent for getting the best out of other people. Which is why, when she meets someone with untapped potential, she puts all her own interests to one side and sets out to change their lives for them. Whether they like it or not.
When Emma's childhood friend, George Knightley, needs help at his family's country house hotel over the summer, she sees the perfect opportunity to improve the lot of her new friend, the shy and unfortunate Harriet Smith. But as one after another of Emma's secret schemes go horribly wrong, she finds that nothing (and no one) is ever as simple as it seems.
The third book in 21st Century Jane Austen stories.
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