School Fail
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If the scrawl of red pen and a note from teacher to 'see me after class' are familiar memories from your school days, then you are not alone. In School Fail, readers will find a fantastic selection of the side-splitting bloopers, mistakes and misunderstandings that kids have boldly come out with in their school work: from the innocent mispronunciations of younger children, to the facetious, inventive, or just downright stupid remarks of older students who should know better. For example: Q: Name the four seasons. A: Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar; 'John Milton wrote Paradise Lost. Then his wife died and he wrote Paradise Regained.'; 'The earth is surrounded by the moon, the sun, Mars and Penis.' Ridiculously funny and endlessly entertaining, School Fail celebrates the unique - and usually entirely unintentional - humour of students everywhere, guaranteed to have readers of any age howling in disbelief.
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