Sad Happens

6h 10min

Description of the book

A beautifully illustrated, celebratory anthology exploring sadness—and the transformative power of tears.

When was the last time you cried? Was it because you were sad? Or happy? Overwhelmed, or frustrated? Maybe from relief or from pride? Was it in public or in private? Did you feel better afterwards, or worse? The reasons that we cry—and the circumstances in which we shed a tear—are often surprising and beautiful. Sad Happens is a collective, multi-faceted archive of tears that captures the complexity and variety of these circumstances.

We hear from Mike Birbiglia on the role that grief and pain have in comedy; Jia Tolentino on how motherhood made her cry in both hormonal joy and fervent rage; and Hanif Abdurraqib on the intimacy of crying on planes. We hear from Phoebe Bridgers on poignant moments of departure and JP Brammer on the strange disappointments of success; Matt Berninger on becoming a crybaby in his adulthood and Hua Hsu on crying during a moment of public uncertainty. We also hear from everyday people in a range of professions: an actor on the tips she learned from drag queens about preserving a full face of makeup while crying; a zookeeper on mourning the animals who have died during her tenure; a bartender on crying in the walk-in; and a TV critic on the shows that have moved her.

Brimming with humanity, this anthology is confirmation that sad happens—but so does joy, love, a sense of community, and a host of other emotions. By turns moving and affirming, Sad Happens is an emotional balm and visual delight.




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6h 10min





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Simon & Schuster Audio

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© 2023 Compilation copyright © 2023 by Brandon Stosuy and Rose Lazar. All rights reserved. "One Site Posts to the Other" from Cry Perfume. Copyright © 2022 by Sadie Dupuis. Reprinted by permission of Black Ocean. Randolph Cornelius's piece was excerpted from "The River That Connects" by Randolph R. Cornelius. Address delivered at Vassar College's Fall Convocation, Vassar College Chapel, September 1, 2004. Mike Birbiglia's piece was previously published in a different form in The New One: Painfully True Stories from a Reluctant Dad, Grand Central, 2020. In Lauren Spear's contribution, "The Water That I Am," lyrics printed with permission of Lauren Spear and Jonah Yano. (P)2023 Simon & Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved. (Audiobook)