Rubber Houses (Unabridged)
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Kit, a high school junior, loves teasing and teaching her ten year old brother, Buddy. The sibling bond is strengthened by a shared love for baseball, which is the most important thing in the world to Buddy. But when a force bigger than baseball takes the field, Kit and her family must confront a challenge for which no one is ever ready. With her parents lost in their own grief, Kit is left to face her new reality on her own. In beautifully crafted verses, she struggles to find a way to make sense of loss, and a path forward. Brave and skillfully written, Rubber Houses rings with joy, heartache, tragedy, and ultimately, with deep and resounding hope. ?gThis book must be read with tissues close by. I cried four times, I sniffed, smiled, and when it was over, I called my best friend. This is an honest, amazing book about the hardest thing in the world.?h ?\ Laurie Halse Anderson, author of Speak
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