Roomcleansing, Vol. 01 - Silentalk-Messages for the Subconscious Mind
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Imagine, you walk into a room and feel it right away: A special energy that triggers an immediate well-being within you. You can hardly describe, but feel the harmony very clearly. Whether it is hotel rooms, seminar rooms, clinics, offices or living rooms that you wish to energetically recharge, SilenTalk works everywhere just as equal and impressively well. SilenTalk means the mystery that can bring you and your room in an unexpectedly relaxed and feel-good mood. This method combines enchanting calm and deeply moving soundscapes with very loving murmuring messages, which are almost imperceptible to the human ear. What emerges from this is a wonderfully positive vibration that transforms your room into a haven of energy security and well-being. Try it by yourself whether you want to hear the music for your own relaxation intentionally or incidentally. Even without your presence SilenTalk is affective. Try it and you are already on your way to pure relaxation and rooms charged full of positive energy. With this beautiful deeply moving room cleansing sound, music producer Dennis O'Neill succeeded in collaboration with Interior Designer & Feng Shui consultant Anja Dilshener, and singer Nina E. Wünsch, his self developed SilenTalk method, to bring people and places in relaxing, feel-good mood. Disclaimer: Although every effort has been carefully taken in the preparation of this room purification program by the producer to ensure its quality, effectiveness of this program may vary therefore the liability of the producer for personal, property and financial losses are excluded.
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