River of Devotional Songs (Fluss Der Spirituellen Lieder)
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This is the music to the Ebook Vinay Sarita - river of devotional songs. The compilation contains a collection of Indian sacred songs, also called Bhajans. They are based on the tradition of Bhakti yoga, a yoga direction, which tries to approach the divine by mystical love and devotion. Most of the songs thus deal with love and longing for revelation of God, purification of the heart, peace of mind and many other related themses.The book has the orignial hindi lyrics with English and German translation. Explanations and introductions are also given in English and German. Enclosed are audio sample of each and every song which can be listened to directly while reading. Mohani Heitel grew up in North India at the foot of the Himalaya. She was fond of singing mantras and devotional songs since her youth. She studied at first chemistry in India and later on human medicine in Germany. As a medical practitioner and psychotherapisst she used the healing effects of mantras as a supplementary cure. In the course of about thirty years she wrote 128 songs and arranged their melodies. These recordings contain all these sons in the original language Hindi. All songs together have a playing time of almost 10 hours. They are personally sung by Mohani Heitel and are an invitation to an inner mystical journey which leads to the spiritual dimensions of life. There are 18 bundles, each bundle contains 7 or 8 songs.
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