In this lecture series, art historian Gary Schwartz surveys the life, time and work of Rembrandt van Rijn. He reflects on both the 17th century historical context in which Rembrandt emerged as an artist, as well as on his superb techniques. Schwartz presents the listener with a unique re-introduction to the artist's biography in which he gives a vivid description of Rembrandt's life and his rich and varied drawings, etchings and paintings, such as the Nightwatch.

College 1. A Dutch artist's life
H1. Rembrandt's birthright as a child of the Truce
H2. Artistic inheritance
H3. Biography

College 2. Craft and specialties
H4. Techniques, artistic means and modes
H5. Genres
H6. Self-portraiture

College 3. Society and posterity
H7. Early patrons
H8. Rembrandt's Amsterdamers
H9. International fame and posterity

College 4. Rembrandt's great themes
H10. Humanity
H11. Divinity
H12. His most famous pieces
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