Reckoning in Ice
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For fans of Agatha Christie and Midsomer Murders, Reckoning in Ice is a crime-lovers must-read.
When accountant Richard Garston is summoned to Scotland to meet with the chairman of a multi-million pound company that he is auditing, he has no idea of the danger that lies ahead.
Paul Villeneuve, the scientist and chairman at International Metals, believes somebody is out to steal his latest discovery. And he wants Richard to prove it.
Enlisting the help of Villeneuve's beautiful daughter, Paula, they set sail for Greenland to follow up on a lead. But with danger lurking round every corner, Richard must keep all of his wits about him and track down the culprit, before the culprit tracks him down.
Brimming with greed, murder and a hair-raising showdown, J.R.L. Anderson's, Reckoning in Ice, is not to be missed.
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