Proverb Stories

- Louisa May Alcott

243 Pages


This is a gathering up into book form of stories previously published in magazines at a time, when the health of the author being such that she was forbidden the work of preparing new ones. There are eight in all, of which only 'The Baron's Gloves' has not before appeared in print. To most of the young folks they are new, and will be greeted with the welcome which is always accorded to anything of Miss Alcott's. The demand for children's stories is not likely to grow less in our day, and though it is needless to speak with approval of this author's work, we will yet say that we may accept the fact of this demand with more ready cheerfulness, when we consider that if any boy can read, in this book, 'My Red Cap', without getting a better understanding of what it is to be true and manly than he ever had before, or any girl read 'Psyche's Art', and not see, lying right in her path, the way for her to be a genuine woman, they are not fair samples of the boys and girls of the present reading public
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