Powernaplus - Vitality
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PowernapPlus - Relaxation Programm For Your Body & Soul - This PowernapPlus Programm "Vitality" by Uwe Karstaedt, the wellknown german healer and bestselling book-author, offers you the opportunity for an effective and deep relaxation at any given time, recharging your body and soul within 20 minutes - at home, at work oder while travelling in airplanes or trains. After the Powernap you will feel more alive, vibrant, creative and productive with a lasting sense of relaxation. Powernap is a guided tour to the source of your well-being. Natural sounds, 3-dimensional waves, whispered thought impulses and the wonderful music of Dennis O´Neill will allow you easily to reach a state of utter restfullness.Regular use of PowernapPlus deepens relaxation, harmonizes your metabolism, reduces stress symptoms and strengthens awareness, creativity and productivity. The result can be an overall improvement in health. Your vigilance will be greatly improved!
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