The Power of Beliefs

- Rik Schnabel

7h 4min


The Power of Beliefs demystifies and simplifies the neural science of mindset and explains why we do what we do. More so, discover how we can break free from the shackles of our beliefs by changing them. Through over 37,000 hours of clinical and coaching work, Schnabel uncovers the 7 most powerful beliefs that are game-changers in the areas of wealth, health, and happiness.

The Power of Beliefs prepares us to open our minds to challenge our current beliefs that determine how we think so that we can think in more prosperous ways, more useful, and powerful ways. Schnabel's years of working in the areas of psychology and spirituality have made him a world-leading authority in the area of transformation. Today Schnabel is called upon to solve the unsolvable psychological issues and unachievable goals. This book is THE definitive book on beliefs and change and Schnabel is Australia's number one Brain Untrainer.

Schnabel believes that much of our frustration and pain comes from the need for a mindset upgrade, as he takes you from the beliefs that deliver Version 1.0 "Survivalist Thinking" to Version 5.0 "Conscious Awareness". If you think you know why you think as you do, think again - your mind is about to be opened.
Time Audiobook:
7h 4min
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Author's Republic
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