Peter Schlemihl- Adelbert von Chamisso

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This famous work explores the story of a young Peter Schlemihl, who is a penniless man. He falls under the temptation to trade his shadow to a fellow in a grey suit. Although he didn't have a good feeling about the man, Peter couldn't resist him as he offered him a never-ending source of gold. However, Peter soon regrets his decision badly. People avoided going near him in horror, the crowds abused him in the streets, and he was forced to run for his life and live in solitude. He couldn't even be with the love of his life Minna, who remains obedient to her parents and stays away from Peter despite being in love with him. Will Peter make a deal with the devil again, or will he come to terms with his life of seclusion unfolds later in the story.

This incredible story is a soft blend of comedy and tragedy with symbolism. A critical attitude to the power of money to its destructive nature lies at the core of the story, written at the peak of the German liberation movement. Using science fiction, German writer Adelbert von Chamisso uncovers the contradictions of contemporary society.
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