The Opal Serpent
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The Opal Serpent is a detective novel by American author Fergus Hume.

An old pawnbroker is found strangled with his lips pinned together with an opal serpent broach. He has a beautiful daughter who is apparently the heir of his large estate. But another claimant has made herself known as the actual daughter of the pawnbroker. 

Follow detective Hurd as he unravels the convoluted mystery of the old man’s death and attempts to determine who is the rightful heir.

Matrimony, money . . . and murder! 

Aaron Norman, the miserable-looking bookseller with but a single, melancholy eye, lay stone-cold upon the floor -- with his mouth tightly closed beneath what seemed to be a glittering jewel.

As the housekeeper bent down in fascinated horror, she saw gleams of blue in that stone . . . then sparkles of red -- like sharp rays from the setting sun -- 

It was an opal serpent brooch fastening together those dead lips!

With the bizarre murder of Aaron Norman, everything changed for the worse, for the young aspiring writer, Paul Beecot, who had come to London in search of his fortune. As strange and mysterious a creature as Aaron Norman was, Paul had found in him and his daughter the possibility of financial security -- and love! Yet by a strange twist of fate everything was stolen away!

The Opal Serpent was first released in 1905.

Also available as audiobook, total running time: 9 hours, 43 min. Reading by Richard Kilmer.

Fergusson Wright Hume, known as Fergus Hume (1859–1932) was a prolific English novelist. His first novel was the self-published novel The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (1886), which became a great success. It eventually became the best selling mystery novel of the Victorian era.

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