One Hour to Better Relationships
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My E-book is a short practical tool meant to help you improve your relationships. It contains practical examples that demonstrate how you can apply the theory and techniques that I discuss, into your everyday life. Unlock the full potential of interpersonal communication and improve your Relationships! The following is a preview from my E-BOOK: Relationships and Assertiveness: Is there such a thing as too much assertiveness? Assertiveness as we know, is a tool that allows for opinions, ideas, needs to be expressed, and personal boundaries to be set, all with empathy and respect. We would assume that being assertive in a relationship is a good thing, right? In moderation assertiveness is ideal for relationships. However, if we are overly assertive, more specifically if we set up overly rigid boundaries and over-emphasize or consistently filter out all those things which we do not appreciate in our relationship, our partner may end up feeling that they cannot be who they truly are and this can potentially create a cycle of negativity resulting in the rupture of the relationship. It is important to keep in mind that this doesn't just apply to intimate relationships it can apply to all types of relationships. So, what then are some key factors that can help relationships flourish? One factor is an emphasis on gratitude....
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