One-Handed Catch (Unabridged)
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It's the Fourth of July, 1946, and 11 year old Norm Schmidt is as excited about it as any kid, especially with America swept up in the joyous optimism that followed the end of World War II. But before the celebrating can begin, there's work to be done in his father's butcher shop, and in a careless moment Norm suffers a tragic accident that could put an end to all his dreams. But like the country he is part of, Norm is a fighter - the kind of kid who won't let a simple thing like losing a hand keep him from trying to do the things he loves. In this inspiring story - based closely on the childhood of her own husband - author MJ Auch reminds us what guts and grit mean, and how even a kid with only one hand can still grab life by the throat.
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