The Mystery Girl

- Carolyn Wells

209 Pages
Fleming Stone


John Waring’s life has never been better. He has just been elected as president of Corinth University, and his engagement has been confirmed to an attractive local widow. Just as it doesn’t seem that anything could mess this up, a strange girl walks into his life. When Waring is found dead behind the bolted doors of his study, detective Fleming Stone only has the small footprints found outside the French windows as clues to solve the murder. A locked-room mystery at its best, Carolyn Wells’ novel is delightfully reminiscent of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes'.

Fleming Stone is a private investigator with a flair for reading books and people. The New York Police Department often resorts to his skills when a crime turns out to be too complicated for them to resolve. Carolyn Wells’ "Fleming Stone" series follow the eponymous character’s adventures as he solves crimes and mysteries.

Carolyn Wells ( 1862 -1942 ) was a prolific American writer and poet. She wrote a total of 170 books, alongside collections of poetry and newspaper articles. She focused on children's books and mysteries, with great success in both of these areas. Some of her most notable works include ‘The Nonsense Anthology (1902), ‘Vicky Van’ (1918), and her autobiography ‘The Rest of My Life’ (1937). Carolyn Well’s humorous verse and intricate plotlines are perfect for fans of Arthur Conan Doyle, Jill Paton Walsh, and Laurie R. King.


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