Moment Maker
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An intentional life, a life lived on purpose, a life with purpose. At the end of our days, all of these are things we would like to hear someone say about how we lived our lives.   But they don’t happen on accident. A life rich with meaning doesn’t simply fall into your lap.


For Carlos Whittaker, living life deliberately is a way of life. Making moments that are significant,  memorable, or impactful are a part of how he navigates each day. Carlos is currently blowing up the blogosphere with people tuning in by the hundreds of thousands to share in these moments with him.


In Moment Maker, Carlos explains his methodology for living intentionally, for working at making moments in his life that touch the lives of others, whether that be his family, his friends, his  colleagues, or total strangers.


Carlos isn’t asking anyone to make a big investment in time, energy, or money. He is uncovering the investment of attention. You don’t have to buy tickets to special events or orchestrate elaborate surprises. You just have to be aware -- aware of your surroundings, the people you encounter, the things that interest those important to you, the opportunities that present themselves -- and be prepared to seize those moments and see lives changed.

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