Mind Body Spirit
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Your body and your mind are interlinked and therefore, one affects the other and yet, we often focus on one and without paying equal attention to the other. Your mind and body should be aligned in order for you to truly be contented, balanced and healthy and this introductory book aims to help start to bring this alliance together for you. With a well adjusted and allied mind and body your connection with life tends to increase, your life perspective can often improve and your heart becomes less isolated which is why this book also introduces you to some thought provoking concepts to open yourself up spiritually. Chapters: 1. The Ego: Discovering who you really are so you can live freely to reach a higher potential. 2. Meditation: How meditation helps provide you with more control so you can live a more focused and less stressful life with more connection. (Includes description for stating your meditation practise) 3. Enlightenment: Set your spiritual navigation and open up your mind to a more magical world. 4. Happiness: The thing we are all striving for whether we realise it or not; How to create more happiness. 5. Setting Your Future: Manifesting a mind set to attract your desired future.
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