Melting Stones (Unabridged)
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Evvy, the feisty young stone mage introduced in Street Magic, is now fourteen. She has accompanied her guardian Rosethorn to Starns Island, where Rosethorn is to study a mysterious plant die-off. With her magic and the help of Luvo, the living heart of a mountain and one of Tamora Pierce's most original creations. Evvy discovers a threat far greater than anyone could have imagined. Preventing disaster may cost Evvy her life. Even more frightening, from her point of vew, it may require her to melt her own hard heart, and open herself to human contact. Written by Tamora Pierce specifically for the voices of Full Cast Audio, MELTING STONES is an unprecedented event in audiobooks: the first time a major novel from a bestselling author has made its debut appearance on audio a full year ahead of the print version!
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