A short story that is shrouded in mystery, ”The Man that Was Used Up” follows a narrator who wants to learn more about an important military figure. A satirical tale that mocks a real person, its strengths as a literary piece lie in the grotesque and immensely humorous episode in which the General is presented. Comic and amusing, the story is a must for Poe fans, even though the supernatural element is left aside, while the paradoxical roams free. Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) was an American poet, author, and literary critic. Most famous for his poetry, short stories, and tales of the supernatural, mysterious, and macabre, he is also regarded as the inventor of the detective genre and a contributor to the emergence of science fiction, dark romanticism, and weird fiction. His most famous works include ”The Raven” (1945), ”The Black Cat” (1943), and ”The Gold-Bug” (1843).
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