The Magic Garden is a superb high quality meditation recording by Heather Bestel. Heather is a very experienced psychotherapist who has worked with children developing and building their self esteem and confidence since 1994. This recording is a lovely and safe way for 8 to 11 year old children to relax and switch off. They will love visiting their own special quiet place where they can develop a sense of wonder and feel: calm and peaceful, happy and relaxed, safe and loved. With the use of these CDs/MP3s children learn to develop their own inner resources to cope with the big, wide world. This recording includes three tracks: 1. Welcome to The Magic Garden (9:02) 2. The Magic Balloon (10:37) 3. Floating down the River (12:20) ‘The Magic Garden’ is ideal for using at home: during chill out time, at bedtime, on long journeys, before exams or anytime children need to switch off and relax.
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