Lost English
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In the last thirty years or so a large number of once commonplace words, phrases and expressions have disappeared without trace from common usage. And with them, too, have gone a number of goods, services and everyday objects that were once an important part of our everyday lives. Where did they go and why? Lost English takes a look at how our language has changed and how the pace of modern life, the influence of American culture, changes in the country's sociological formation and rapid advances in technology have made once common words obsolete. Includes: 'Charlie's dead' - a euphemism used to tell a girl that her petticoat is showing . 'dekko' - take a quick look or glance . 'brilliantine' - men's hair dressing product . 'Nippy' - the name given to waitresses in Lyons Corner Houses. Lost English illuminates all these terms and many more. It's a fantastic gift for all those interested in history and the English language and a fascinating look at times past.
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