The Lord Is a Warrior and so Are You
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God is calling the Church to rise up and overcome every strategy of Satan that comes against us. He has given you the power and authority to fight the forces of darkness and win every time! (Luke 10:19) The Series Titles: The Life of A Christian Warrior, Breaking The Devil's Influence, A Warrior's Ability To Build and Fight, Responsibilities Of A Christian Warrior, How To Make War and Win, Peace In The Midst Of War and Your Lifestyle Is A Weapon. Dr. Roberts Liardon is an author, speaker, spiritual leader, church historian, mentor, and humanitarian. To date, he has sold over 7 million books in English which have been translated into more than 50 languages, and has traveled to and ministered in over 12 countries. An author of 54 books, Roberts continues to have a strong apostolic and prophetic voice that speaks to this generation of believers.
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