The Light Princess (Unabridged)
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t's a well known fact that a new-born princess will often be subject to a curse-especially if her royal parents neglect to invite an important magical relative to the christening. But never has there been a curse as charming (and hilarious) as that which befalls the Light Princess. Deprived of gravity, she can't take anything-or anyone-seriously. Even worse, she's apt to blow away on the first stiff breeze! Can even a sweetly-singing handsome prince bring her down to Earth? One of the most acclaimed literary fairy tales of all time, George MacDonald's profound and witty story floats into bubbling new life in this lovingly crafted full cast reading. As a special bonus, the songs written in the text are completely performed to music composed especially for this recording. George Macdonald (1824 - 1905) was a Scotsman who became a Congregationalist minister, but eventually left the clergy to focus on his work as a writer and a speaker. He wrote over fifty books, ranging from poetry to adult novels, to children's books, and was a source of inspiration for both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein. Among his most well known titles are AT THE BACK OF THE NORTH WIND and LILITH.
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