Life's Not Yoga... or is it?

10h 21min

Description of the book

Aurobindo said, "All Life is Yoga".
Life’s Not Yoga …or it is? is Jacqui Burnett's life story and a testament to dealing with life off the mat when faced with multiple traumas.
The Journey of Life Can be Chaotic. How do we make sense of it?
She was born into a perfect family, but by age 16 Jacqui Burnett wants to kill her father.
Decades later Jacqui believes she's left her turbulent childhood past and the trauma of multiple near-death experiences behind her.
On the surface, she has everything she’s ever dreamed of – a solid education, success, and a wonderful husband.
What Jacqui doesn’t know is that she’s about to lose everything.
She was about to step into a board meeting but instead she slid from her office chair and cowered under her desk, sobbing. As managing director, she was meant to announce a year of outstanding results; instead, she was paralysed.’
In a desperate search for answers, Jacqui travels to America. Alone in the Rocky Mountains, her life starts unravelling and the truth of her chaotic childhood begins to emerge.
Amidst confused attempts to find love and meaning, Jacqui has to face death one more time, along with an avalanche of unexpected obstacles, before rising from the ashes to heal.
“What I found amazing about Life’s Not Yoga, is that many people write a memoir and tend to sugarcoat their role in the story, while painting other people with a bit of a tar brush. Jacqui Burnett does not do this and is open and honest about the times in her life when she does not come across looking so great.” – Janice Leibowitz – 101.9 ChaiFM
"Some people travel to India to find themselves, others to the USA! Life's Not Yoga is a compelling UPLIFTING must-read memoir.' - Natasha Dom, @sashadomyoga
This memoir is for anyone who has battled with emotional abuse, financial loss, depression, heartbreak, divorce, burnout, PTSD, anxiety, or fibromyalgia, looking for understanding on how to heal themselves.




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10h 21min





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Author's Republic

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