Leaves of Grass- Walt Whitman

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Walt Whitman spent most of his professional life writing and re-writing Leaves of Grass, revising it multiple times until his death. The first edition was a small book of twelve poems and the last, a compilation of over 400. The poems of Leaves of Grass represent Whitman's celebration of his philosophy of life and humanity. His poetry praises nature and the individual human's role in it._x000D_ Leaves of Grass (First Edition):_x000D_ Song of Myself_x000D_ A Song for Occupations_x000D_ To Think of Time_x000D_ The Sleepers_x000D_ I Sing the Body Electric_x000D_ Faces _x000D_ Song of the Answerer_x000D_ Europe the 72d and 73d Years of These States_x000D_ A Boston Ballad_x000D_ There Was a Child Went Forth_x000D_ Who Learns My Lesson Complete_x000D_ Great Are the Myths_x000D_ Leaves of Grass (Final Edition):_x000D_ Inscriptions_x000D_ One's-Self I Sing_x000D_ As I Ponder'd in Silence_x000D_ In Cabin'd Ships at Sea_x000D_ To Foreign Lands_x000D_ To a Historian_x000D_ To Thee Old Cause_x000D_ Eidolons_x000D_ For Him I Sing_x000D_ When I Read the Book_x000D_ Beginning My Studies_x000D_ Starting from Paumanok_x000D_ Song of Myself_x000D_ Children of Adam_x000D_ From Pent-Up Aching Rivers_x000D_ I Sing the Body Electric_x000D_ A Woman Waits for Me_x000D_ Spontaneous Me_x000D_ One Hour to Madness and Joy_x000D_ Out of the Rolling Ocean the Crowd_x000D_ Calamus_x000D_ Salut au Monde!_x000D_ Song of the Open Road_x000D_ Crossing Brooklyn Ferry_x000D_ Song of the Answerer_x000D_ Our Old Feuillage_x000D_ A Song of Joys_x000D_ Song of the Broad-Axe_x000D_ Song of the Exposition_x000D_ Song of the Redwood-Tree_x000D_ A Song for Occupations_x000D_ A Song of the Rolling Earth_x000D_ Birds of Passage_x000D_ A Broadway Pageant_x000D_ Sea-Drift_x000D_ By the Roadside_x000D_ Drum-Taps_x000D_ First O Songs for a Prelude_x000D_ Eighteen Sixty-One_x000D_ Beat! Beat! Drums!_x000D_ From Paumanok Starting I Fly Like a Bird_x000D_ Song of the Banner at Daybreak_x000D_ Rise O Days from Your Fathomless Deeps_x000D_ Virginia—The West_x000D_ City of Ships_x000D_ The Centenarian's Story_x000D_ Cavalry Crossing a Ford_x000D_ Memories of President Lincoln_x000D_ By Blue Ontario's Shore_x000D_ Autumn Rivulets_x000D_ Proud Music of the Storm_x000D_ Passage to India_x000D_ Prayer of Columbus_x000D_ The Sleepers_x000D_ To Think of Time_x000D_ Whispers of Heavenly Death_x000D_ Thou Mother with Thy Equal Brood_x000D_ From Noon to Starry Night_x000D_ Songs of Parting_x000D_ Sands at Seventy_x000D_ Good-Bye My Fancy
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