Lasagna Lady Mysteries Books 1 and 2
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Who’d have thought lasagna could change a lady’s life? 

Join Luella Genova as she makes new friends, bakes her world-famous lasagna… oh, and solves a couple of murders while she’s at it. 

This two-book collection includes the mystery novels Murder at Meadowlark and Murder at Marketfresh. 

Murder at Meadowlark: When Luella Genova arrives at Meadowlark Retirement Residence, a woman has just died—not an uncommon occurrence in a home for seniors, but Luella smells a rat. Even the old woman’s family is satisfied to believe that she died of natural causes, but that only makes Luella more suspicious. The only way to prove it was murder… is to find the killer! 

Murder at Marketfresh: When Luella Genova witnesses a hit-and-run in the parking lot of the MarketFresh superstore, it isn’t her first brush with murder. It is, however, the first time she’s witnessed the death of a teen. What does it take to solve such a crime? A mischievous husky dog, an entrepreneurial high school student, and a lasagna lady with a whole lotta heart!

Murder at Meadowlark and Murder at Marketfresh are the first two books in the Lasagna Lady Mysteries series.
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