Juliet Dove, Queen of Love
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t's not easy being shy--especially when you suddenly find yourself at the center of a widening circle of lovesick boys. But this is exactly the predicament Juliet Dove ends up in after she receives a strange amulet in Mr. Elives' magic shop. As if all that love weren't bad enough, soon Juliet is talking to ancient Greek gods. When a pair of wisecracking rats arrive to help her unravel the puzzle of the amulet, Juliet knows that her life has really spun out of control. Unfortunately, once Juliet discovers what's really inside the amulet, the stakes get even higher. She's trapped in an ancient story, and the only way out is through . . . Join the Full Cast Family as they romp their way through this dazzling tale of magic, myth, and love run wild. Seasoned with low comedy, high drama, and just a dash of poetry, JULIET DOVE is story you're sure to fall in love with. Bruce Coville has published nearly 90 books for young readers, including the bestselling MY TEACHER IS AN ALIEN series and the wildly popular UNICORN CHRONICLES. Much in demand as a speaker and storyteller, Bruce himself narrates this recording of the newest novel in his MAGIC SHOP series.
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