If It's Broke, Fix It
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In this disposable age it's always refreshing to be able to fix things yourself. This is not a guide to complex DIY, rather it is handy guide for men and women to refer to when the hairdryer stops working; a strap on an irreplaceable shoulderbag has broken or your favourite jumper has shrunk in the wash. Packed with tips and tricks of the trade - for example, how to get burn marks off your pans and fix a pin on a much-loved brooch - and details on tools, materials and methods - from quick fixes to permanent solutions. The perfect book for anyone who hates our throwaway society and would much rather do it for themselves, whether it's moth-eaten holes in clothes, fixing a microwave oven, mending a leaking dishwasher or fixing your bicycle, you'll be amazed just how many things can be mended with a few tools, a little bit of patience and If It's Broke, Fix It.
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