This book that I've written is a collection of proven strategies to maximize your success in the music industry presented to you in a no bs, matter of fact manner.
I wanted to create a guide that I wished I had when I was coming up. The good thing for you is that I didn’t because if I did, I wouldn’t have learned the many lessons and skills that have not only worked for me, but also for countless others who I have discovered, consulted, advised or helped.
Throughout this book I’ll tell you stories that give you a priceless understanding of strategies that successful artists I’ve worked with like DJ Snake used to achieve tremendous success. I will tell you exactly what he did and how it worked. You’ll learn the tricks & traits that others I’ve worked with from Big Sean, Diddy to Pitbull used that catapulted them to continued success.
This book will also help you make better decisions and avoid the dumb ass mistakes I’ve made over the course of my 20 years in the music business and seen others make and still make over and over again.
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