But I'm too young to be a granny! An essential collection of entertaining yet handy advice for all new grandmothers. After your children move out of the family home, you can finally look forward to enjoying life after parenthood. Or can you? When your offspring unexpectedly start to have children of their own, you may have to face up to the 'G' word at the same time as being catapulted back into a new cycle of nappies, baby alarms and toddler tantrums ... With easy-to-navigate sections and practical lists with step-by-step instructions, Help! I'm a Granny is the ideal reference for grans who have had to relearn all those tricky parenting skills and acquire new ones for the Internet age. Learn everything from texting your first baby pictures to coping with competitive mums at the nursery gates and from how to Skype a bedtime story to what to do when you never learned to knit.
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